Based in Leeds, the trained engineers at Aquaheat offer an innovative central heating powerflushing service. We’re confident we can help you improve your boiler’s performance and extend its lifespan.


Clean your central heating

The powerflush cleans the central heating system using water at high velocity but at low pressure so that there is no damage caused to the system. Cleansing chemicals are also added whilst flushing to increase effectiveness. The powerflush cures problems with circulation in the system as the sludge causes blockages which prevents parts of the system getting hot. The powerflush can also cure boiler noise problems. If installing a new boiler on an existing system, it is advised to have a powerflush as it will prevent any future problems occurring. If any debris gathers in the boiler’s heat exchanger, it can cause noisy operation, reduce the boiler’s efficiency or even cause the boiler to break down and most manufacturers’ warranties will be void.



We would attend and carry out a system analysis and use a thermal camera to take thermal images of the system and radiators to show you how the dirt in the system is affecting the heat output of the radiators. We would then carry out the powerflush to the system using the Kamco flushing machine and dual magnetic filter kit to collect and remove dirt from the system. Flushing would continue for majority of the day adding appropriate cleaning chemicals throughout the day. Once complete we would add a final inhibitor chemical to protect the system, we would then take another set of thermal pictures to show you how much improvement had been made to the system.

Get A Magna Clean

Magna Clean continues to protect the system once the powerflush has been completed. Magna Clean can be supplied and fitted to your system for just £139 registered and fully qualified installers.

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Upon completion of all work you will receive a powerflush certificate.

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  • Does the boiler make noise?
  • Does the boiler overheat and go to lockout?
  • Do radiators need bleeding regularly?
  • Are radiators slow to get warm and/or do they have cold spots?
  • Do you have thermostatic radiator valves that are sticking?
  • Suffering constant burn out of boiler parts, pump or valves?
  • Is the water in the system black and dirty?

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