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Underfloor heating installation in Leeds.

From existing homes to new builds, many are turning to the efficiency of underfloor heating. Our specialist engineers install wet underfloor heating in Leeds and beyond, servicing homes of all types and ages.


Using both overlay and inlay techniques – our underfloor heating engineers can carry out fast and simple installations. It’s a common misconception that underfloor heating installation is time consuming and messy. Our specialists have years of experience to draw from and will ensure that none of these issues occur. Using both overlay and inlay techniques, our heating engineers can carry out fast and efficient installations.


What are the benefits of underfloor heating?


Energy efficient


There are two types of underfloor heating, water and electric-based systems which contribute towards an energy efficient home. Water systems run hot water through pipes to generate heat, while electric systems utilise wires beneath the floor to create warmth.


These systems are more efficient than radiators, which need to be heated to a high temperature of 65 – 75 degrees Celsius to warm up a room properly. With underfloor heating, the temperature only needs to go to 29 degrees Celsius or less. Ultimately, this will consume less energy and help to save on energy costs.


Easy installation


Electric and water-based underfloor heating systems are easy to install and suitable for both new build homes and older houses. Minimally disruptive, the system will be installed by a qualified professional who’ll answer any questions or concerns.


Flexible temperature control


Once an electric or water system has been installed, each room will have its own thermostat. This means that temperature can be controlled throughout the house, so one room doesn’t need to be as hot as the other.


This has the added benefit of saving money because less energy is used overall.


A safe system


Safety is a major benefit of having an underfloor heating system in the home. Compared to a radiator, the heat generated by the system is better for the air quality in a room. This is because a radiator on a high heat can reduce oxygen levels and cause dust to circulate, which may trigger allergies.


In addition, young children won’t be at risk from touching the hot edges of a radiator and they’ll be able to feel warm and cosy in any room.


Clears up space for design


Radiators take up space in a room, whereas underfloor heating is out of sight and provides much more freedom to decorate. Homeowners can transform a room based on their own preferences, bringing in furniture or artistic pieces with the extra space.


What makes us qualified to install underfloor heating?

  • Expert engineers with years of experience
  • All staff are certified under the latest gas safety practices
  • City & Guild qualified and accredited
  • Excellent customer service across Leeds and beyond


An underfloor heating company in Leeds with local ingenuity


Whether you’ve just moved into a new house in Leeds, or you’d like to swap out an old heating system for something new, we can provide a comprehensive underfloor heating installation service. We are the underfloor heating company for you.


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  • Easy to install in existing or new-build properties.
  • Expert engineers.
  • Roth Systems approved installer.
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  • Expert engineers.
  • Reliable - Which Trusted Trader
  • Certified - Gas Safe engineers
  • Accredited - City & Guild Qualified
  • Excellent customer service – CheckaTrade Approved

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